Why can't I find a Protection Class for a property?

Learn why you aren't finding a Protection Class and what you can do to get the data you need.

Sometimes, a Protection Class (PC) is not available for a property. The two most common reasons are:

1. The address was incorrectly entered into Protection or PropertyEDGE.

2. The address is new and not yet in our system. 


In Protection, you'll see an error message saying "Address not found."


Cant find a protion class-p1

In PropertyEDGE, you will see only part of the address displayed in your results, and the Property Identifier will show as "NA."

The PC data shown is just for the general area, not the specific address. It should not be used to rate a policy. 

Cant find a protection class-P2


If you see either of these results:

1. Double-check the address you entered, and try re-entering it.

2. If that doesn't work, contact customer service  at 206-217-0101, by email or by clicking here. Our team will do additional research on the property to identify its correct location. We'll then provide you with a PC you can use to accurately rate the policy.


If the property is new construction, we will also update our system to include it.  


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