What data is available from BuildingMetrix?

BuildingMetrix, a WSRB company, offers data on a growing number of important property risks.

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What is BuildingMetrix?

BuildingMetrix is a wholly owned subsidiary of WSRB providing data solutions that help insurers make more informed and more efficient underwriting decisions and help insurance agencies grow their businesses.

For insurers, BuildingMetrix offers data products covering states outside Washington. 

For agents, BuildingMetrix offers data products covering the continental U.S., including Washington state.

BuildingMetrix does not provide forms, loss costs or protection classes. If you need forms, loss costs or protection classes for Washington state, login to WSRB. If you need this data for a state outside Washington, click here.

What data is available from BuildingMetrix?

For underwriters

  • Cannabis Check: Find out if you're unknowingly insuring a property that's used to grow, process or retail legal marijuana.
  • Hemp Check: Find out if a property you insure or are considering insuring is used to grow or process hemp or CBD. 
  • Earthquake Risk Tool: Get data on multiple important risk factors for earthquake-related property damage. 
  • Wildfire Risk Tool: Get data on key risk factors for wildfire.
  • Federal Firearms Dealers Check: Effectively manage firearms exposure within your book of business.
  • Adult Family Home Care Check: Avoid exposure and ensure your customers get the right coverage.
  • Vape Check: As the vape industry continues to grow, manage your exposure to tackle potential hiccups down the road.  
  • Underground Storage Tank Check: Unearth UST risk that may be hiding in your book.
  • Unreinforced Masonry Check: Targeting susceptible properties in your book empowers you to make insightful underwriting assessments. 
  • Historic Buildings Check: Pinpoint historic buildings to avoid significant expenses due to increased vulnerability and a range of cost drivers. 
  • Home Daycare Check: To effectively offer coverage for these operations, a clear understanding of exposure is necessary.
  • Book Reviews: Clearly see your concentration of risk so you can manage it more effectively and prepare more easily for reinsurance reviews. 

For agents and agency principals

  • Earthquake Risk Tool: Find out which of your customers most need earthquake coverage and get easy-to-use marketing templates so you can run highly effective marketing campaigns. 
  • PropertyEDGE: Show your customers multiple important risk factors for their property so they're motivated to purchase the coverage they need. This map-based application allows you to provide customized illustrations for each property your customers need to cover.

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What new data products are coming next?

BuildingMetrix data solutions are rapidly expanding to cover a wide range of emerging and established risks. Be the first to see and try these new solutions by signing up here.

How do I get access to BuildingMetrix data?

Just contact us to get started.

What if I want data for Washington state?

For insurers and underwriters: If you're already a WSRB Subscriber, the data described above for Washington state is included in your subscription. Simply login to WSRB to access it. Need help logging in? Click here. To learn more about becoming a Subscriber, click here.

For agencies: Contact us to learn more about how you can start leveraging BuildingMetrix data to grow your business.


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