How do I check the status of an inspection?

Find out how to track an inspection request and what the different application status terms mean.

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How long does an inspection take to complete?

Our goal is to complete each inspection within 30 days of your application. Many factors can delay an inspection from being completed, however. To ensure your inspection will be completed quickly:

  • Provide accurate information, including name and phone number, for the insured and the insured's agent. 
  • Be sure the building is completed and the businesses to be inspected are open and operating. We cannot inspect buildings that are still under construction.
  • Review these inspection guidelines:
    • We will inspect most specific or class-rated property covered under a commercial property policy.
    • We do not currently inspect:
      • Dwellings with four units or fewer.
      • Adult family homes (assisted living facilities with six residents or fewer).
      • Buildings eligible for coverage under a farm policy.
    • If the business to be inspected is on a residential property and in a separate building from the home, we will inspect it.  
    • If the business to be inspected is an office inside someone's home, we will only inspect it if the business conducts manufacturing operations. 
    • For more information on specific versus class rating, see our blog post about Rule 85.

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How do I track my request for an inspection?

When you request an inspection, you'll receive an email with an application ID tracking number. To check on the status of your application, find the tracking number.

If you need help finding your tracking number, click here

1. Log into, hover your mouse over "Inspection," and click on "Track Inspection."

track inspection-


2. You'll see the Track Inspection screen.

check inspection 1-

3. Enter the tracking number in the box and click "Track Application."

4. You'll see the results.

check inspection 2-

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What do the application status terms mean?

Submitted: We have received the application, but it has not yet been reviewed for completeness, validity or duplication.

Reviewed: A commercial property analyst has reviewed and accepted the application and is gathering existing information on the building.

Pending Assignment: The application has been researched but not yet assigned.

Assigned: The application has been assigned to a commercial property analyst.

Abeyance: We cannot complete the inspection within 30 days and must postpone until a later date. The tenant may not have moved in; the building might not be completed, or the insured needs to postpone the inspection. We will always notify the applicant directly if an application is put in abeyance.

Inspected: The commercial property analyst has inspected the building and is preparing the report.

Quality Review: A supervisor on the inspection services team is checking the report to ensure accuracy.  

Processed: We have sent a rate quote letter and copy of our report to the applicant.

Recently Rated: The building was inspected within the last year. We will not conduct a new inspection unless there's a new occupant. If you are sure there's a new occupant, note that in the comment section of the application.

Completed w/o Inspection: The commercial property analyst went to the property but could not complete the inspection due to access problems (e.g., not being able to get into the building). To apply for a new inspection, submit a new inspection request.

Rejected: The property is a dwelling, outside Washington state or otherwise does not qualify for an inspection.

Completed: We have posted new loss costs and the report to the Subscriber portion of our website.


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