What is PropertyEDGE?

An overview of WSRB's PropertyEDGE: what PropertyEDGE is and how you can use it to evaluate multiple risks in one place

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What is PropertyEDGE?

PropertyEDGE is your single source for a wide range of property-related information. It includes everything you will find in our Protection and Loss Cost products along with additional features, including geographic overlays, measuring tools and more.

Why use PropertyEDGE?

  1. It's a one-stop-shop. PropertyEDGE offers a collection of useful data, all in one place, saving you time.
  2. You can search the way you want, with an address, a ZIP code or by pointing and clicking.
  3. PropertyEDGE is expanding. For example, we're regularly adding hazard data nationwide.

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How do I access PropertyEDGE?

PropertyEDGE is browser-based, so you can use it without installing any additional software. You simply log in. It works in many popular browsers but best in Chrome or Firefox.

After you log in to the WSRB subscriber portion of the site, click on the PropertyEDGE drop-down.



After you log in, you'll see:


For more info on how to access PropertyEDGE, read this article.

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What data and tools does PropertyEDGE include?

Protection data (Washington state only)

  • Responding fire station distance
  • List of fire stations within 10 road miles of the property
  • Fire station addresses, distance, responding, type, staffing and district
  • Hydrant within 1,000 feet of risk
  • Tender Credit
  • Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule (BCEGS®) Classification
  • Protection Class at risk, based on property type (Dwelling or Commercial)
  • Report generator (in PDF format for your risk file)

For more info on how to find Protection Class data in PropertyEDGE, click here.

For more info on how to get WSRB Commercial Property Reports in PropertyEDGE, click here.

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Locating the fire stations within 10 road miles of the property

As an example, to locate the fire stations within 10 road miles of WSRB, type in the address 2101 4th Ave., Seattle in the search bar. Once the location is pulled, click on the "Click for Nearest 10 Stations" and you'll see the stations within 10 road miles to the property, up to 10 total stations.



You have several ways to search for data in PropertyEDGE:

PropertyEDGE includes these data layers:

  • WSRB rated buildings
  • Parcel and Public Land labels
  • Administrative boundaries such as ZIP code, county and state
  • Natural hazards
    • Fault lines and buffers
    • Lahar presence
    • Soil types
    • Soil liquefaction susceptibility
    • FEMA flood zone outlines
    • Distance to coast
    • Tsunami info
    • Tornado track data

PropertyEDGE also includes additional data and tools:

  • Measuring tool for distances and area
  • Elevation calculation tool for measuring elevation and slope
  • Street and satellite photograph overlays
  • Google Street View
  • Census data
  • Fire department/station/info (available for a growing number of states) 

For more info on how to get building reports in PropertyEDGE, click here.


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