The Basics of Commercial Lines Rating

Learn the fundamental aspects of commercial lines rating in this eight-part series.

These days, it’s easy to access all kinds of data with a click of the mouse. But when we’re faced with information overload, we can forget the basics. The aim of this series is to help you brush up on the fundamentals.

Covers the necessary components for developing a
commercial property premium.

Part IIPart II: Loss Costs and Multipliers

Defines loss costs and demonstrates how multipliers
work to determine a company’s rate.

Part III
Part III: Coinsurance

Provides a definition of coinsurance and
demonstrates its application.

Part IV
Part IV: Going Green

Explores what it takes to “go green” from
a rating and underwriting perspective.

Part V
Part V: How to Read a WSRB Loss Cost

Covers a step-by-step primer on how
to read a WSRB Loss Cost publication.

Part VII
Part VI: Basic Causes of Loss Form

Explores the fundamentals regarding
the Basic Causes of Loss form.

Part VI
Part VII: Broad Causes of Loss Form

Outlines the basics of the Broad Causes of Loss form.

Part VIII: Special Causes of Loss Form

Outlines the basics of the Special Causes of Loss form.