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Individual Account FAQ

Why should you create an individual account? Let’s answer some of your questions and find out!

Who can create a WSRB account?

If you are an employee of an insurer or an agent, the insurer you work for or represent must be a WSRB Subscriber for you to create an individual, personal account and gain access to WSRB data.

If you aren't sure if your employer/the company you write for is a Subscriber, contact Customer Service at 206-217-0101 or by clicking here.

Does it cost extra money for each person that signs up for a WSRB account?

As a WSRB subscriber or agency who writes for one of our subscribers, you can create as many individual accounts as you need, free of charge. Each person can have their own personal account, regardless of who or how many people sign up.

Won’t individual accounts allow employees who leave to have continued access? 

No. When employees leave an agency, they cannot continue to access a WSRB account.

Signing up for an account requires the use of an agency email address, no regular email addresses are accepted. If they no longer have access to their employee email, they lose access to their WSRB account. Additionally, you can reach out to our Customer Service team to un-list any employees that are no longer working on your team.

In reality, the likelihood of past employees maintaining access to an account is more likely when using shared accounts.

What are some other benefits of having an individual account?

When sharing an account linked to a single email, you can get locked out and have to rely on the primary email holder to reset it. That is a hassle. When each person has their own account, it’s a simple process to reset a password.

Having an individual account means you won't miss out on important updates - whether compliance circulars, subscription changes, or other WSRB-related announcements, you will receive everything you need to know directly to your personal email inbox. 

How easy is it for additional employees to sign up for their own accounts?

It is easy to sign up! Click here to sign up for an individual account today.