The Basics of Protection Class

In this course, you will what PC ratings are, how they are evaluated, and what they are used for.


Guide to Community Ratings

Learn how the WSRB community evaluation process works and
how it supports fire defense and building safety.

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Protection Class FAQ

Background to WSRB Protection Class ratings, how they
are determined, and what they are used for.

How WSRB Determines Protection Class

Understand the three factors that determine any given
structure's individual protection class.

Preparing for a Protection Class Evaluation

Learn how these evaluations work and how proper preparation
can make the process as smooth as possible.

Inside a WSRB Visit to a Fire Department

Every WSRB Protection Class evaluation includes an in-person visit from one of
our fire protection analysts - here is what that looks like.

Finalizing a Protection Class Evaluation

Learn what happens after the in-person evaluations and what it
takes to establish a useful, accurate PC